New Hampshire Pharmacies with Standing Orders

Any New Hampshire resident can buy Naloxone (Narcan) at an over-the-counter pharmacy with standing orders, which distribute the medication without a prescription.

Any physician may write a prescription for Narcan, whether or not you are his or her patient. You don’t need to say you need the medication for yourself or a loved one, and you may ask for more than one script.

The map below shows some of the pharmacies with standing orders in the state. Click on the icon to bring up more information. To see more details on the map, zoom in or out. To do this:

• In the bottom left hand corner, click + or -.
• Scroll using your mouse or pinch using your trackpad.
• Double click using your mouse or trackpad.
• To zoom faster, hold down the control (Mac) or CTRL (Windows) key as you zoom in and out with your mouse

View the map off-site or download a print publication with all pharmacies with standing orders.

Always call your pharmacy in advance to make sure it has the medication in stock.

Additional locations will be added in the future. If you work at a pharmacy with standing orders, but do not see your information below, please contact Randy Moser, Health Promotion Advisor
at the NH DHHS’ Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services, at: to be added.