teen boy sitting on a stoop with head in handsIn 2015, more than 300 people in New Hampshire died as a result of drug overdose, the majority of which have been related to opioids. This crisis includes heroin, street fentanyl, other illicit opioids, and misuse of prescription drugs.

In response to the opioid crisis in New Hampshire, the state has created the Anyone. Anytime. Campaign to educate the public and professionals about addiction, emergency overdose medication and accessibility to support services for those experiencing opioid addiction. This campaign is designed to help anyone affected by this crisis including: people experiencing addiction; parents, family and friends of those experiencing addiction; and health care, safety, and other system staff working with people who may be experiencing addiction.

FAQs About Opioid Addiction

FAQs About Naloxone

Anyone.Anytime.NH is part of a coordinated statewide public health response which includes the:

  1. Statewide public awareness and media campaign,
  2. Passage of two new house bills; HB 271 which allows for a broad prescribing, dispensing, and distribution of Naloxone (a rescue drug commonly known as Narcan) and HB 270 also known as “the Good Samaritan law” which provides protections for individuals administering the drug and protections from drug possession (e.g. heroin) charges, and

Campaign Aim

The campaign is a statewide, multi-prong effort aimed at reducing the rates of opioid abuse including heroin and prescription opioids thereby reducing the number of deaths caused by overdose.

Campaign Objectives

  • Increase awareness about the prevalence of heroin use problem in NH.
  • Increase knowledge among the general public and the healthcare community about the benefits and availability of Naloxone as a rescue drug in the event of overdose.
  • Increase awareness about the legal protections covered by the Good Samaritan law.
  • Increase awareness of treatment and recovery services available in NH.

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